Like a Water Lily.


   2017 is def the year of alignment for me, the journey has not been smooth and that should be expected. Determined I was to go after what I wanted, I felt it in my bones, he spoke and I listened.

Its funny how things play out itself when I look back on it- Thankful.

     I'm relating this event in my life similar to a water lily/ Lotus flower. Unlike other flowers, a water lily grow from the mucky water, only to rise above the surface and bloom into a beautiful flower. 

    Like with any institute one goes to, the journey has just begun, I know it would into be easy, but I am determined to pull through, to make my Empress proud.

     Her support has been 100% with whatever I decide to do in life, and for that I am forever grateful and in debt. There's no cost on a mothers' love.

     I am a water lily and at the end of my journey, I will/ shall bloom into a vibrant and beautiful flower, despite the setback, my aim to rise above the surface. (Speak it into existence)

My Queen, My Empress, thank you for believing in me.



  1. Fantastic post, I like it :)

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  2. Your determination is inspiring. You always inspire me.


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