Learning Basic Spanish

 I've recently been learning basic Spanish via Coursera. The world is changing and becoming diversified, for me it's time to expand my knowledge as it relates to learning varying languages, plus the it's a good cognitive exercise.  This video is me introducing myself in Spanish, lol. I believe I did well for a first timer. Listen and give feedback. ✌🏾 Written: Audio:

Why learning Creole is such a Taboo?

Known by many spelling. i.e. Creole, Kreole, Patoi, kwéyol I've always wondered: Why is there a taboo in learning to speak Creole? Where did it stemmed from? Why won't our Grand parents teach us how to speak the language?  I've notice that most or if not, the majority of  our older adults would rather let this beautiful language die, rather than share their knowledge. Creole should be embraced in our Grenadian culture, regardless of what was said about it in the past. How did it started? Few years ago, I took a French class at the Alliance- fell in love- and my interest grew from their. I was eager to know/learn more about this "French" language. My interest grew in learning other languages from varying Countries/ Islands -Culture Vulture much.  Fast forward, my friend did a Creole course being offered by the Creole Society in Grenada (never knew there was one), I was excited to join and learn; but unfortunately, my plans did not pull th

Hiking: Mt. Qua- Qua

Location: Grand E' tang National Park The hiking trail to Mt. Qua- Qua was not difficult but very challenging: due to its narrow ridges and rocky terrain. Scott stated in his post via that: ' ' Mount Qua Qua is the second or third highest peak on the island of Grenada ... . It is also the most popular mountain to climb on the island. "( ) The hike can be rigorous for those who are both fit and unfit, the beautiful scenery at the top of the hike will be worth the walk and aching legs. I truly enjoyed the lush green vegetation leading up to the lookout point, the peaks with mist (if it's rainy/ overcast) ,and over-looking surrounding communities in the valley. On your way up the trail, one can over look Grand E'tang Lake below (the view is to die for). Supposedly, there are 2 trails (or shortcuts) one can take to go either Annadale waterfall or Concord waterfall, that's if you're co

Period talk: Cyclebeads Review

Many females have different methods of keeping track of the menstrual cycle; be it an app, beads, calendar or the moon. Whatever it may be, they work for us differently.  I've been using these beads for over a year and some months, and I've not been disappointed with it. Even though I still use my calendar, sometimes I need something with me to keep track of my period. At times (minimal) the beads would not be best since my period is not the normal 26/28 days cycle; it can go up to 30 or 34 days for the most (TMI);hence why the beads would not be accurate for me. Those who are within that 26/ 28 days cycle can diff give this a go. Here's why I'm satisfied with my Cyclebeads: 1- There's 32 beads with 4 color-coded, simply move the rubber ring over the beads as instructed: each bead represent a day of your cycle. 2- The color- coded beads lets you know when you are fertile and when you're not. The red bead marks the first day of your period, the white b

Petroglyph site: Duquesne Bay

Petroglyphs are rocks made by pecking directly on the rock surface using a stone chisel and a hammer stone. Many of these sites are at times visible/ hidden on this beautiful island.  Why not rent a jeep, grab a map, tag along a local tour guide and discover the mystery of Grenada. (Insert Palm trees)

How to Survive Mid Term - Tips.

I SURVIVED MID TERM!!! (Screams uncontrollably) My reward after studying. This week was mid- term exam for all University students, various persons resorted to studying in many ways.  Here, I will be giving some tips/ things that work for me, which contributed to my awesome grades.   " Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day-in and day-out." -Unknown I don’t know for the rest of the population, but during my studies I had doubts, I cried most times because I could not understand or get a lesson to remain in my brain, even though I read it over and over. I finally cave in, and resorted to my trustee friends, my mom & the S.O for moral support (Thanks guys). In relaxing my mind and lessening these negative voices, I was able to retain the information needed and boost myself with confidence limiting my anxiety. (I did it!) With that being said, These are some Tips that can help you survive Mid- Term/ any exam: LEARNING STRATEGY.

Meet the Kalinago's From Dominca.

   I first saw the ad via Social Media and quickly became excited about this. I've always wanted to meet the descendants of the kalinago tribe but my finance would not allow me to travel over to Dominica.    But they were here for the Kalinago Cultural Showcase put on by the Kalinago Beach Resort, located at Morne Rouge Beach, better known as BBC.    Let me warn you , both my friends & I did not make it in time to see the cultural side of the show case, but was able to get a picture ; still worth it.   Here is a flyer of the Cultural Showcase. If you so decide on attending, share your experience.