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Hiking to St. Margaret's Falls

St. Margaret's falls also known as Seven Sisters Falls Located in St. Andrew, Grand E'tang National Park.

My trip to this beautiful gem was filled with laughter, new experience, overwhelmed with excitement and constantly asking, Are we there yet?
In order to reach your destination one would need to take a no. 9 buses depending on your location or your own personal vehicle. The use a map can come in handy or ask one of the locals around the area to prevent being lost.
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The Journey....

We took a bus from Grenville, which is the town of St. Andrew and drop off at our location in St. Andrew. On arrival, you can see the sign to the falls on the left side of the road. The road leading to the falls had two various path: 1)Pathway where vehicles can drive in at a certain point. 2) The actual trail filled with wet mud (depending on weather), stones/ pebbles and bamboo steps strategically place …