Restaurant Reviews: Tasting the Isle of Spice.

Le Phare Bleu

.. i must say i did enjoyed this restaurant. we went on a Tuesday were it had a pizza night at a reduce cost. Sea from view- in day light you can also have lunch either on land or in a ship that looks like it is well maintained. from there you can see Caliveny island.
The service was wonderful and the workers were rather friendly. Though i wont recommend you walking to this restaurant ,its a bit far inside (secluded) which make it idea for a nice quiet get away.





Another sea front restaurant. love the ambiances especially at night. Most night they have live band playing music and customers are plenty full (full house).
The prices are reasonable, especially if you're on a budget; they cater for all, vegans, meat lovers, not so much a meat lover. The workers are friendly and always around (guess cause its a busy place). Plus the beach is not too far, matter of fact it's like 10 steps away from the building,which makes it even cooler.
     They got drinks, juice, cocktail, shots (personal fav.) and more.



 Port Louis Marina

water front view of the port, and a haven for yacht and boats. Quiet scenery, food cost reasonable and a bit expensive- depends on the person.
i love their food variety ( wish i can try them all) and the staff is quiet professional if i may say so.
there's also a winery, residential area, shopping, bakery, spa and a moderate size light house.





Creole Shack (a.k.a. Andalls )

not my fav. liming spot for reasons i could only think of, but the cocktail was a good try by the person who made it. Who cares we need a strong drink after a week of hard work. We gave them the idea of putting sugar around the rim (tipsy much). the balcony view is beautiful especially when there's a ship and the sun is setting.


Carib Sushi

<3 <3 <3 honestly, before i hated sushi with a passion. now as my co-worker introduce me to it, i think it taste really good. of course i choose the shrimp and vege sushi. But just recently i tried the raw fish ( >_<) mmmm not my cup of tea but i think after a will it will grow on me. plus the prices are reasonable ( THE HECK it's fish it got to be pricey)
opens from 6pm in the Le Marquis complex, Grand anse.


Carib Sushi at Le Marquis Complex, Grand Anse, St. George, Saint ...


 Rick's Cafe (does not really count as a restaurant )
 but hey, as his motto says, " WALK IN ,DANCE OUT". but more like walk in roll out" lmaooo (j/k) its a family type atmosphere where you can just relax, the pond with some big ass fishes are in it (still aint know why they wont cook them things smh) and beautiful water lilies and fig like plant :)


  1. Holy ish we have really been busy! Thinking of going to Cloud 9 tomorrow. When you wanna go Papillon?

  2. ikr.. wanna try cloud 9 but i have no idea when. We can do Papillion next week for sure, maybe we can head to the beach after (who knows)!!

  3. The Greenflash from Carib Sushi is my personal favourite!


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