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Loc'd Hair Anniversary.

On this day, I decided to loc my hair and transitioned into this new realm of natural beauty; totally worth it. Here's to many more years into this journey and the obstacles that comes with It. (Throw's confetti

HOW DID I STARTED? - I started with comb twist; knowing my hair capability, I opt for a medium size part. Reason being, my hair texture, It can be defined as loose/ soft. Adding to this, I was scared about my hair breaking (small loc's) during my journey or my edges receding (scary feeling).
HOW DO I MAINTAIN MY HAIR? -  I wash my hair every 1-2 months, depending on how itchy/ the amount of sweat produce / the Occasion. When washing my hair, Aloe Vera (raw) would be my 1st stop, followed by oiling and spritz with rose water. Rarely I would use shampoo (mix with baking soda and vitamin E) or at times If there is build up, dish washing liquid does the trick. (ya I know) I try to do a hot oil treatment every month.
HOW OFTEN DO I RE-TWIST? - I re-twist every month or 1 1…