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Earth- Local Market

As perusal, while browsing through social media, i stumbled upon this blog and video. It's about Grenadian artist/ entrepreneur expressing their creativity by show casing their talent, even published novels and poetry books written by Grenadians.

I must say, it was well attended, i enjoyed the variety that was showcase by various persons, the different stalls/ booths.

It's amazing to know we have amazing and beautiful talent/s in our little island.

More about "Earth", check the links below:

Here are some pictures i took while i was there.

Le Morne de Sauteurs -Leapers Hill

Leapers Hill or "Le Morne de Sauteurs" was named by the French while they inhabited our island. Hostility between the Caribs and French broke out and rather they surrender, the surviving Caribs leap to their death. 

This area is now a Tourist attraction, a cemetery also to locals living in the Parish of St. Patrick; beautiful species or varieties of flowers or plants can be seen around the surroundings. 

Walking toward the monument, looking out, one can see (slightly) Carriacou and other neighboring islands (not inhabited).

Wooden benches, Cool sea breeze and a Breathe taking view, nothing can beat this. So take a trip and enjoy this island natural beauty and history. 

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Cocoa Tea Chronicles

Every Sunday, our ritual in my household would be cocoa tea and home made bread or bakes with whatever filling we may desire, once available of course.
I loveeeeeeee Cocoa tea, the grease, the taste, the flavor of spices and most of the all the after effect- sweating.
Most people, not all, can make Cocoa tea very well, some might be thin, others too thick, or not enough milk; whatever it is, there are few people who can make a good cup of Cocoa tea.

I like to class myself in that bracket. 

Here are some simple steps in making a good cup of Cocoa tea, Grenadian style.

Ingredients:  Serve hot 1-2 cocoa balls 1 bay leaf (optional) pinch of salt 1/2 cup evaporated milk 1 heap TBSP flour (for thickness) 1- 1 1/2 cups of water 
Methods: 1. Fill pot with 2 cups of water, bring to a boil.  2. Add salt, bay leaf and cocoa balls. (cocoa balls will dissolve) 3. Fill cup with 1 or 1 1/2 cups of water, add flour. Mix gradually to avoid lump, ensure flour is dissolved in water.  4. Pour into pot containing dissolv…

Caribbean People, Do We Date?

.......Do we?

I've sat down and tried to analyse this, even in the company of my peers. Basically we've came up with the conclusion that we do not date in the Caribbean, but merely go through a process or stage of getting to know an individual and giving a time frame after which things would kick off into the serious business- the " we are exclusive". At this point the relationship has been defined or D.T.R. We've decided that dating seems more a Foreign culture which may or may not have been adopted by various Caribbean individuals.

D.T.R- Now providing that both parties have sat down and discuss this, with both understanding what ever they propose their relationship would be and not one party (in their mind) having a relationship, while the other seems to be single. In most cases, this happens, I call it "miscommunication or the situation-ship" . Of course, over a period of time, with growth and aging this so call miscommunication will diminish. 

In the…

Hiking to St. Margaret's Falls

St. Margaret's falls also known as Seven Sisters Falls Located in St. Andrew, Grand E'tang National Park.

My trip to this beautiful gem was filled with laughter, new experience, overwhelmed with excitement and constantly asking, Are we there yet?
In order to reach your destination one would need to take a no. 9 buses depending on your location or your own personal vehicle. The use a map can come in handy or ask one of the locals around the area to prevent being lost.
Read about Honeymoon falls:
The Journey....

We took a bus from Grenville, which is the town of St. Andrew and drop off at our location in St. Andrew. On arrival, you can see the sign to the falls on the left side of the road. The road leading to the falls had two various path: 1)Pathway where vehicles can drive in at a certain point. 2) The actual trail filled with wet mud (depending on weather), stones/ pebbles and bamboo steps strategically place …

Experiencing a Super Blood Moon

Eeekkkkkk!!! OMG!!!  <-- This basically sums up my expression and feelings of witnessing this amazing moment.

My 1st time ever experiencing a Super Blood Moon and lunar eclipse, and it was amazing: for those whom witness such might feel the same, I think.

It started at 8:15am and ended at 12 am with the moon phasing into an eclipse, then slowly turning red. I must say the constant checking, mosquitoes bites, snap chatting and annoying your friends on whether they're looking on was all worth it.

Of course my Galaxy S3 was not doing justice in getting good quality picture as a professional would but I tried neither the less.

Learning about African Waist Beads

African Waist Beads (Gri-Gri, Yomba, Jigida, Bin Bin)

Beautiful, vibrant adornment for the body, worn below the belly. There's no doubt that there's a lot of stories about the traditions and customs associated with African waist beads from different African countries. In researching, the stories behind traditional waist beads peek my interest that I've decided to make my own.

Here are some significance, traditions and customs found on the internet on Waist bead:
-a protection against negative energy
-beads having healing properties
-used as an instrument in losing weight
-female maturity
-erotic appeal
-meant to be worn under clothing
-used as an anchor about which the menstrual cloth was strapped

Color representation: The meaning of colors may vary with every tribe.
x.yellow-wisdom/ knowledge optimistic mood and promotes self-confidence unconditional love, femininity and healing vitality, sexual energy, passion, courage peace,…

Turtle watching at Levera Beach

It's the season for Leather back turtles to come ashore and lay their eggs, an experience for tourist and locals alike. The tour is spear-headed by SPECTO, they assign tour guides to various groups to view these beautiful creatures. Before embarking, the tour guides will give valuable information about the Leather back turtles and what is expected from the visitors, such as garbage should not be thrown on the beach, if there's a need to use your phone to take a picture no flash should be used as this may cause blindness to the animal or cause them to return back to sea, no loud talking cause this may disturb their natural habitat and more. To experience this magical event one would need to call and reserve a spot for a long night visit to see these turtles, a good outing for family, friends, co-workers etc. 
On arriving to Levera beach, we waited for almost an hour before a turtle came ashore, to lessen the amount of people on the beach shores we were divided into small groups, t…