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My Carnival Preparedness- Helpful tips.

Every year we wait for this, we planned for this and of course we make memories to last a year until we can do it all over again- Spice mas 2016.

1. SAVING- Whole year I've been save for this moment. There ain't no way I'm going to be partying with little to no money or would I be begging anyone for spending money, ummm that's a no-no. Unless you decide to take a loan, by all means, IS YOUR MONEY!

2. PLANNING- I've notice that planning can help make whatever you do more easy and less frustrating. Plan which fete's you would be going to. Create a Budget, where by you know that you won't be going over your spending or as we call it spending wildly and to safe guard yourself that there are some coins or papers left in the bank. Just saying.

3. FETE'N CREW- Do you have a fete'n crew? Or maybe you like to fete alone, no scene; as Dash said (2016 Groovy Monarch) Carnival is me alone, on the road & I don…