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Hiking: Mt. Qua- Qua

Location: Grand E' tang National Park

The hiking trail to Mt. Qua- Qua was not difficult but very challenging: due to its narrow ridges and rocky terrain.

Scott stated in his post via that: ''Mount Qua Qua is the second or third highest peak on the island of Grenada ... . It is also the most popular mountain to climb on the island."( )
The hike can be rigorous for those who are both fit and unfit, the beautiful scenery at the top of the hike will be worth the walk and aching legs.
I truly enjoyed the lush green vegetation leading up to the lookout point, the peaks with mist (if it's rainy/ overcast) ,and over-looking surrounding communities in the valley.

On your way up the trail, one can over look Grand E'tang Lake below (the view is to die for). Supposedly, there are 2 trails (or shortcuts) one can take to go either Annadale waterfall or Concord waterfall, that's if you're considering hiki…

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