Sea Adventure: Sandy Island Pt. 2

Where do I even start.

My 2nd trip to Sandy Island was by far amazing than the first, enjoy reading my experience, I do hope you can experience this as well.

Read about my 1st trip here:

As usual, I woke at 7 am preparing myself for the trip, arriving on the jetty in Sauteurs at 9 am sharp. Food items were bought, including drinks and other essentials for our trip.

On my 1st trip, we had used a small speed boat (a small fishing boat with a powerful engine- West Indian term ), but on this trip ( Talk about upgrade) we went  with a slightly bigger fishing boat (Pleasure boat). This was good because the sea was sort of choppy that morning. To by pass the feeling of being sea sick, we gave jokes (silly stuff) on our way up.

Finally touch down on Sandy Island, we cleared all items off both boats; then food preparation started. Some of the guys decided to go spear fishing/ free diving just off from the island; for the experience, I decided to tag along (can't swim for shit). I sat there and looked on as they speared various fishes and caught lobsters.

Kudos to the people who free dive or fish for a daily living, fishing ain't for the light hearted. The risk involved whether you're a good diver or not. 

While waiting, our attention was focused on the other 3 fellas that was in the water. Because the seas was choppy, several things were going through my mind, like: " lord, next thing a wave turn over the boat, what will I do? I can't swim- Sharks! Oh gosh, what the ass I doing out in the ocean! Should of taken water. I'm hungry. Great, my lips are dry. Oh look, sun burnt- smh!" Eventually, I got over my fear and soon braved the choppy sea, and the feeling of wanting to puke. Of course while on the sea, we (those in the boat) had to look out for those in the water; 1- to listen when they called, so that we can come over when they got a catch, 2- In case there's an emergency & 3- Strong current, though they had a buoy attached to their fishing gun, safety is a must.

In our catch, we caught 5 lobsters and 10 fishes, including a box fish. On the menu: Grilled Lobster & fish, Peas soup; music played, socialized and ate, everyone good.

After all the eating, drinking and silly talking, a sea bathe was needed, bad. Turquoise water crystal clear, the view amazing, what else can i ask for.

 Time to go, we packed our trash and cleaned our area where we had camp out, smooth boat ride on our way back down, we catch the Sunset, looking on while drinking a glass of wine and reminiscing on a day that was successful. 

Can't wait to do this again.

Next on the list: Tobago Cays


Lobster egg- Grilled (before)

This smile says a lot- Total FUN!


  1. Very nice. Never been to sandy island before, now definitely will have to do this on my next trip home.

    1. Please do visit there one day, worth the experience.

  2. Totally helping me create my adventure list for my vacation :)


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