Hiking: Mt. Qua- Qua

Location: Grand E' tang National Park

The hiking trail to Mt. Qua- Qua was not difficult but very challenging: due to its narrow ridges and rocky terrain.

Scott stated in his post via Summitpost.org that: ''Mount Qua Qua is the second or third highest peak on the island of Grenada ... . It is also the most popular mountain to climb on the island."(http://www.summitpost.org/mount-qua-qua/970228 )

The hike can be rigorous for those who are both fit and unfit, the beautiful scenery at the top of the hike will be worth the walk and aching legs.
I truly enjoyed the lush green vegetation leading up to the lookout point, the peaks with mist (if it's rainy/ overcast) ,and over-looking surrounding communities in the valley.

On your way up the trail, one can over look Grand E'tang Lake below (the view is to die for). Supposedly, there are 2 trails (or shortcuts) one can take to go either Annadale waterfall or Concord waterfall, that's if you're considering hiking those trails.
P.S. we saw a monkey. :)

Hiking is one my favorite outdoor activity. What sort of outdoor activities do you like?




  1. I hiked this about 6 weeks ago and absolutely loved it. I went with a friend and we stopped many times for a healthy belly laugh or to take pictures. Once we were at what we thought was the lookout we squeezed ourselves onto a tiny rock looked into the valley and talked for hours. You always have the best conversation in nature! As we were leaving we realized we were not sitting on the official Mt. Qua Qua lookout rock...Oh well! It was great just the same.

    1. Happy you and your friend enjoyed the experience, even though it was half way. Think you guys should do another to reach the look point (officially).

  2. I remember hiking here almost ten years ago followed by a refreshing dip at the Seven Sister Falls. Would be wonderful to try this again!

    1. We did the same thing also. :) Please do, I'm sure it will bring back beautiful memories.


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