Turtle watching at Levera Beach

It's the season for Leather back turtles to come ashore and lay their eggs, an experience for tourist and locals alike.
The tour is spear-headed by SPECTO, they assign tour guides to various groups to view these beautiful creatures. Before embarking, the tour guides will give valuable information about the Leather back turtles and what is expected from the visitors, such as garbage should not be thrown on the beach, if there's a need to use your phone to take a picture no flash should be used as this may cause blindness to the animal or cause them to return back to sea, no loud talking cause this may disturb their natural habitat and more.
To experience this magical event one would need to call and reserve a spot for a long night visit to see these turtles, a good outing for family, friends, co-workers etc. 
On arriving to Levera beach, we waited for almost an hour before a turtle came ashore, to lessen the amount of people on the beach shores we were divided into small groups, this was done to give the creatures enough room to lay their eggs with no disturbance. 
From afar these turtles can blend with the sea weeds if you're not paying attention, slowly they'd make their way to a spot which they find comfortable. Then it begins, she digs a hole best suited for her babies- the depth must be right. The researchers (Ocean Spirits) at hand assisted in removing sand if any is seen rolling back into the hole, they also tagged, measured and counted the number of eggs she laid. To keep an eye on the nest a rope is placed near the nest, after this she would dig a decoy nest for predators and make her way back to the see again.
Oh what a wonderful experience it was indeed. :)
Disclaimer:  Photo credit google image and  always turn off the flash on your device whenever taking a picture of a turtle.



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