Caribbean People, Do We Date?

.......Do we?

I've sat down and tried to analyse this, even in the company of my peers. Basically we've came up with the conclusion that we do not date in the Caribbean, but merely go through a process or stage of getting to know an individual and giving a time frame after which things would kick off into the serious business- the " we are exclusive". At this point the relationship has been defined or D.T.R. We've decided that dating seems more a Foreign culture which may or may not have been adopted by various Caribbean individuals.

D.T.R- Now providing that both parties have sat down and discuss this, with both understanding what ever they propose their relationship would be and not one party (in their mind) having a relationship, while the other seems to be single. In most cases, this happens, I call it "miscommunication or the situation-ship" . Of course, over a period of time, with growth and aging this so call miscommunication will diminish. 

In the old time days, my Grand mother once told me.... if a young man in a village likes a young lady, he would have to ask her parents to "court" (subject to spelling correction) her, a period of talking with the young lady, taking her out, no kissing, inappropriate touching or coiting would take place until he ask for her hand in marriage. 

I propose the following age, 30+, as the "aint got no time for this, just cut to the chase" phase, which may not be the case 100% of the time since we still have individuals with childish mentally stuck in an educated adult body or even young individual having a mature mindset. The result may vary. After a certain time frame of getting to know each other, which may include spending quality time together, with friends or meeting the family, parties will decided if the other is reasonable enough to be a life time partner or not. At this age, no one who got goals and life time plans wants to be stuck playing merry-go-round, it's either you are for it or you're not.

whatever it may be, times have change our way of thinking, evolve if I may call it.

As always, one's opinion should be respected in this.

What are you thoughts on this? 

Do you as an individual date?


  1. I do not believe that dating of this type really exists in Grenada currently. There is perhaps a North American imported variety that the self-considering petite bourgeoisie take part in recently.
    Don't mistake my French for contempt - I think it's a good movement. As you said, it cuts down on misunderstandings and therefore is much more time efficient. I don't think we truly have the time to waste in ill defined relations journeying towards some ill-defined formless "future" which both parties may had independently and distinctly defined.
    I do not know about the other islands but it is perhaps a similar story there. Even in America (the US) I get the feeling that it is a largely Hollywood distributed notion, in other words something promoted and perhaps even created by the upper-class, the socialites, and then peddled to the masses. I may be wrong about the origins of dating, I haven't actually done any reading about it I am just speculating. Furthermore, courting as a practice far predates dating but the two concepts do seem quite related.

    To be honest I'm starting to wonder what you are referring to as dating. if it is simply that a pair of individuals meet in public and engage in some social activity together then I think people everywhere date and have been dating forever. It is the idea of dressing up and going to dinner that is foreign, I think.

    1. I see your point, though i have never look at it from that view. Dating in terms of getting to know each other and not rushing into a serious relationship, going out, be it formal or informal.

    2. you mean sort of trying out different people to see how they work... hmm I dunno. If you like more than one person I can see you trying to get to know them both better with the view of ultimately choosing one but I think most times it is an informal thing.


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