Le Morne de Sauteurs -Leapers Hill


Leapers Hill or "Le Morne de Sauteurs" was named by the French while they inhabited our island. Hostility between the Caribs and French broke out and rather they surrender, the surviving Caribs leap to their death. 

This area is now a Tourist attraction, a cemetery also to locals living in the Parish of St. Patrick; beautiful species or varieties of flowers or plants can be seen around the surroundings. 

Walking toward the monument, looking out, one can see (slightly) Carriacou and other neighboring islands (not inhabited).

Carriacou in the distant

Wooden benches, Cool sea breeze and a Breathe taking view, nothing can beat this. So take a trip and enjoy this island natural beauty and history. 

Did you know this?

More on the history of Leapers Hill, check the following links:


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