Learning about African Waist Beads

African Waist Beads (Gri-Gri, Yomba, Jigida, Bin Bin)

Beautiful, vibrant adornment for the body, worn below the belly. There's no doubt that there's a lot of stories about the traditions and customs associated with African waist beads from different African countries. In researching, the stories behind traditional waist beads peek my interest that I've decided to make my own.

  Here are some significance, traditions and customs found on the internet on Waist bead:
-a protection against negative energy
-beads having healing properties
-used as an instrument in losing weight
-female maturity
-erotic appeal
-meant to be worn under clothing
-used as an anchor about which the menstrual cloth was strapped


Color representation: The meaning of colors may vary with every tribe.

x.yellow-wisdom/ knowledge
x.orange- optimistic mood and promotes self-confidence
x.pink- unconditional love, femininity and healing
x.red- vitality, sexual energy, passion, courage
x.blue- peace, truth
x.green- hope, harmony, ripening
x.violet- deep perception and intuition



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