Homemade Rose Water.

I love using natural products in my hair and also on my skin. Lately I've been doing some research on Rose Water and its benefits.
Photo credit: myself. Both white and red roses were used.

Here are some of the benefits of Rose water that I've came across:
- Maintains the skin PH balance.
- Hydrates, revitalizes and moisturize the skin
- Has anti- inflammatory properties
- Can be used as a facial toner and makeup remover

Since my face can become very oily face, I'm hoping this water can help.

Rose water can also be used in your hair, aids in moisturizing the scalp and hair follicles. Here I would test driving this on my hair, which is in transition into Locs (10 mnth and going strong), most times my hair becomes dry and needs a little moisture, water really don't do the trick unless I add some essential oil/s.

Read here for more on using Rose water on Loc hair:  https://www.facebook.com/LocsByYannie/posts/799582896818650

 I got my roses from my neighbors yard (permission was granted) and simply followed the instruction via Youtube.

N.B. When researching you may find it been done Two ways, which ever method is good for you, try it. For me the concentrated method works better.


Left: I added peppermint oil ,almond oil and white lavender (Hair spritz) Right: Rose water and white lavender (Face mist)


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    Greetings from Italy


    1. Thank you for viewing my blog, will surly check yours out.


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