How to Survive Mid Term - Tips.

I SURVIVED MID TERM!!! (Screams uncontrollably)

My reward after studying.
This week was mid- term exam for all University students, various persons resorted to studying in many ways. Here, I will be giving some tips/ things that work for me, which contributed to my awesome grades. 

 " Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day-in and day-out." -Unknown

I don’t know for the rest of the population, but during my studies I had doubts, I cried most times because I could not understand or get a lesson to remain in my brain, even though I read it over and over. I finally cave in, and resorted to my trustee friends, my mom & the S.O for moral support (Thanks guys). In relaxing my mind and lessening these negative voices, I was able to retain the information needed and boost myself with confidence limiting my anxiety. (I did it!)

With that being said,

These are some Tips that can help you survive Mid- Term/ any exam:

Figure out what is your learning strategy. Thankfully we had the assistance of Ms Orlando and her team, they gave various learning strategies one can use for effective study habits, such as text book reading skills, tips for improving concentration, effective note taking & making, MCQ’s (Multiple choice questions) just to name                                                                   a few.

 I consider myself of having a photographic memory, but also learn by writing things out/ using a white board, saying things out loud or even practicing questions.

When you do so you allow yourself to be more prepared for classes and would be able to ask or answer questions. Highlight what the professor considers important, make little jotting’s. Review with in a 24hr period after class; you are more likely to retain information this way than waiting a lengthy period before reviewing your notes.

Everyone needs a little support, ensure that the people you associate with have your best interest at heart and encourages you in a positive way. Friends both in and out of school.

-          DES (Department of Educational Services) – review groups
-          The library - study area/ 24hr study area
-          Learning strategist
-          Workshops with the Centre for Academic Excellence & DES
Most people take for granted the resources that can help them in their exams. Bug the hell out of your lecturer, they are there to help/ assist. Use them all; at the end of your study, they will know your name. (I’m not kidding)

Most times I'm not able to study well in the library, the need to hear nature around me calms my brain. So far I’ve found 7 study spots on campus.

Set a goal that you’ll like to achieve in terms of grades. My goal is to aim for the B's/B+, I try not to aim too high to lessen my spirit for any disappointment or so that I won’t be too harsh on myself.

  " Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently." -Henry Ford.

At the end of all these studying, it’s only fair to treat yourself. Ice cream, the beach, movies. Whatever it is, treat yourself- you deserve it.

My friend and I decided to do an over night study at the library, these pictures sums it up.
24hr Study area. Blanket and Tea were my essentials.
5:30/ 6:00 am Morning view

Quick shower and breakfast. 

Thanks to my mom, I came home to coconut water aka jelly aka water nut.


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