Period talk: Cyclebeads Review

Many females have different methods of keeping track of the menstrual cycle; be it an app, beads, calendar or the moon. Whatever it may be, they work for us differently. 

I've been using these beads for over a year and some months, and I've not been disappointed with it. Even though I still use my calendar, sometimes I need something with me to keep track of my period. At times (minimal) the beads would not be best since my period is not the normal 26/28 days cycle; it can go up to 30 or 34 days for the most (TMI);hence why the beads would not be accurate for me.
Those who are within that 26/ 28 days cycle can diff give this a go.

Here's why I'm satisfied with my Cyclebeads:

1- There's 32 beads with 4 color-coded, simply move the rubber ring over the beads as instructed: each bead represent a day of your cycle.

2- The color- coded beads lets you know when you are fertile and when you're not. The red bead marks the first day of your period, the white beads represent your fertile days (ovulation), the dark brown beads mark the 27th day; it tells you that your period is shorter than 26 days, and finally the light brown beads shows the days when you can have unprotected sex.

2- Great family planning method

3- Inexpensive and can be purchased from the or any family planning center.

4- Side effect free and easy to use.

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