Why learning Creole is such a Taboo?

Known by many spelling. i.e. Creole, Kreole, Patoi, kwéyol

I've always wondered:
Why is there a taboo in learning to speak Creole?
Where did it stemmed from?
Why won't our Grand parents teach us how to speak the language?

 I've notice that most or if not, the majority of  our older adults would rather let this beautiful language die, rather than share their knowledge.
Creole should be embraced in our Grenadian culture, regardless of what was said about it in the past.

How did it started?
Few years ago, I took a French class at the Alliance- fell in love- and my interest grew from their. I was eager to know/learn more about this "French" language. My interest grew in learning other languages from varying Countries/ Islands -Culture Vulture much. 
Fast forward, my friend did a Creole course being offered by the Creole Society in Grenada (never knew there was one), I was excited to join and learn; but unfortunately, my plans did not pull through.
Never the less, I was determined to learn something Creole. 

An Koumansman (The Beginning)
My Quest led me to, no other than my granny. Though she was hesitant at first, she taught me several phrases of what she could remember, but as any older adult, with age comes lose of memory. The down side of this was that I lost the book which I had initially written the many phrases- can't find it anywhere!
Still remaining optimistic. My aim would be to have conversations with her, before it's to late. 

An Gwan Moun (The Elders)
I've recently been to an Elderly Home. There, I meet three beautiful ladies and of course, this bright idea came to my head. I was unsure as to whether they would remember/ if they would even teach me. Happy to say, they taught me a few things.
In our dialogue, I had asked if they knew how to speak Creole, two said they can, but can't remember much, while the other said she did not. Laughing- the funny thing is, while the others were teaching me and answering my many questions, the one who said she did not know, was saying words/ phrases in Creole. Is it because if this taboo? Or she can only speak it when having conversations? Whatever it is, my experience was amazing learning from thees ladies.

This is not the end of my Quest. However I may, Creole will be spoken - I hope.

Do you speak Creole/ know anyone who do?
What are your thoughts on Creole being a "taboo"?


  1. I have always wanted to learn. Unfortunately it was also taboo in my family and my first engagement with the language was in St. Lucia. We need a language revival!


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