Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!!

le Papillion (French Creole cafe
opens 7am- 2pm daily                       
serve: Breakfast, Lunch & Dessert
Tele. (473) 415-2670
location: Grand Anse                      

On August 15th , we decided to try this French Creole cafe opposite the GYC (Grenada Youth Center) in Grand Anse. The experience was some what okay, the environment was calm with a quiet scenery, there's also a hotel called Siesta and a Natural Healing therapy SPA in that same compound, and a pool too- $10 to use the pool by the way.
The foods was amaze-balls, all creole down to the bottle water- nah I'm joking about the water part.

But yea it was really tasty, the price range was fairly reasonable (nothing over $50), they even made various local fruit juice and milkshakes; by far the best I've had was the "Bread pudding with rum sauce" -duhh rum!!

I had Crepe with lemon and sugar, 2 chocolate milkshakes and a fruit salad (pawpaw, mango and Cashew), My girlfriend ate with me from the salad bowl- thank god, she had egg Benedict and bread pudding with rum sauce (rummmmm) with 2 bottle of water, nun fancy.


After our brunch :) we then proceeded to the beach, though it was a bit overcast that afternoon the water was still warm, the usual. I needed that sea bathe too, it helped with fight off the virus before heading back to work. And as usual when one has finish their sea bathe, Mr. HUNGER strikes, thank god Umbrellas was close by. We went simple this time around, since we've official become regulars to the joint; I had Lambie souse with Tamarind juice, she had ...!! what the hell did she had #Clueless ...oh wait, I remembered now, some salad thing-e.

In all ,the day was a good day, we laugh ,smiled and enjoyed a well productive day, which ended in a sudden change in the weather becoming dark with heavy thunder and lightening.

Self tan, why not!

Bread pudding with rum sauce (the rum sauce was the bomb)

Egg Benedict 

2nd milkshake

half finish , half full milkshake.. and cleaned that plate like i was hungry.

Lambie souse ( best ever, just need flavor from the lambie) Garlic buttered slice bread.

Tamarind juice 


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