To Catch a Crayfish

Yaaaaa, my 2nd time hunting crayfish and I caught more than I did the very 1st time.

Things you will need:

-Preferably a young nutmeg branch (they're very strong, not easily broken)
-Nylon twine
-Fish hook or it can be man-made with wire and a foil
-Earthworms as bait
-Coconut husk
-A plastic bag
-A hunting knife
-A cutlass

   Apparently crayfish like eating coconut flesh/ husk, you chew a piece of coconut until it becomes fine, after which you spit the milk out of your mouth- don't drink it or you'll get major belly ache. With the fine coconut grounded in your mouth with no milk,  simply spray the flesh scattering it around the area or pool, wait for the crayfish to come out and to start feeding, then lower your rod in the pool. Once you're certain of your catch, hook and pull up placing your catch into the plastic bag (still haven't mastered the hooking technique) and that's basically it.
You can keep doing this until bait or coconut is finish. After our catch my tummy was craving some waters, so I made crayfish soup with ramen noodles (don't judge me). I was a lovely experience, the only down side was the mosquitoes and slippery river stone.

                                                                    grounded coconut flesh

Bait aka earthworms 


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