Experiencing a Super Blood Moon

Eeekkkkkk!!! OMG!!!  <-- This basically sums up my expression and feelings of witnessing this amazing moment.

My 1st time ever experiencing a Super Blood Moon and lunar eclipse, and it was amazing: for those whom witness such might feel the same, I think.

It started at 8:15am and ended at 12 am with the moon phasing into an eclipse, then slowly turning red. I must say the constant checking, mosquitoes bites, snap chatting and annoying your friends on whether they're looking on was all worth it.

Of course my Galaxy S3 was not doing justice in getting good quality picture as a professional would but I tried neither the less.


  1. Great blog!!

    If you like, come back and visit mine:

    Pablo from Argentina

    1. Hey Pablo, thanks for reading. Will check your blog out.

  2. U tried lol. But keep it up though!


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