Leh we buss ah lime - A West Indian t'ing.

1. Limin' -To hangout with friends, To Socialize.
2. Leh we buss ah lime - I was thinking we should really go and enjoy a good period of rest and relaxation, which may include alcohol.

Random Sunday, i'm bored ,tired, lazy mood activated; with no intention of stepping out my house.

At times, friends can come along and save your boredom day with just a simple, Lime.

A trip to the beach was what my soul needed, call it detox if you may. As usual, when "we" ,Caribbean people lime or should i say Grenadians lime, food must be present along with drinks, preferably alcohol or not.

Check list:
* Large pot of  chicken and rabbit brown down.
* Cooler with Beers/ Rum and chaser (Chaser- Solution used to dilute rum mixture)
* Great scenery i.e. Beach
* Genuine people with laughter, kixxs, smiles 
* Memory

Did i mention the moon was out in her glory that night, to be quite honest, when ever i look at the moon reflecting on the ocean surface, my emotions are at a place of tranquility and content, observing nature and a mystical beauty. 

📷: Galaxy S3
Our local rum. *Disclaimer: drink responsible*

Rabbit ans Chicken brown down with a cold Stag/ lager/ beer

Enjoyed the moon light.


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