Sea Adventure: ile ah roon (Ronde Island)

As bad as it is i can't remember the day (Oh wait, found it!! ) we went out to sea and the lengthy time i took just too upload and blog about this trip is embarrassing. 

Date: 8th February, 2016
Trip: island hike
Emotions: No word to describe!

This was by far one of my most enjoyable, Bucket list experience. I was truly happy when i was invited by K.N. unaware of what to expect, i pack light (as usual), with of course important essentials. The island is located between Grenada and Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

Sad to say, a few souls were lost out at sea. Reason being, they were travelling to our sister island Carriacou for carnival at night with the sea been choppy. It was a sad day for the families and close friends, few were saved, some was found dead while others were not found as all, i pray that their souls rest in peace.

Summary: These are just some pictures of what i captured on my Lil' Adventure, with no other than my trusty Galaxy S3.   Enjoy!!

Roasting Whelks
Roasting Sea Egg/ Sea Urchin

Once a Salt pond.

Half Moon bay


  1. You know, I looked this island up because of your post and this island is on sale for one hundred million US dollars and is apparently currently the most expensive privet island on sale in the world. Crazy stuff.

    1. In asking some questions (curious me) apparently some big person in our society bought pieces of land there. Yep, the price is ridiculous.


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