Hiking: Mt. St. Catherine

Located in Victoria, St. Mark's, Mt. St. Catherine is the highest point on the island, a Stratovolcano.

The beginning....

I woke at 3am to the sound of a Conch shell that was  blown to communicate to those in the community that it was time to wake & prepare your self for the hike.
Best advise to bathe the night before, it saves you time (my opinion), drink some hot tea, have snacks/ food and of course a Large bottle of water. when hiking it's best to wear a long pants /leggings, sneakers, a t- shirt and a nice cozy sweater (Cold at the top of the mountain). Try not to carry to much load yet having the essentials.

All dress and ready to go, my friends and I meet at a spot so that we can all leave together. Its was really dark out, but the moon was our guide. As usually we 'ole' talk while walking, from a distance you can hear several persons whom was also embarking on this hike.

The climax....

We followed the trail, walk over rocks and fallen leaves, broken pathway, through bushes with prickles, trees with fruits, bamboo stool etc. Nature was at peace and clam- i loved it! 

The terrain was different this time around, guess it was due to landslides, heavy rainfall and  fallen trees. This hike tested my fitness and endurance, such a pain in the ass.

Getting closer to the summit, my trusty shoes decided to fall apart ( the bottom of my shoes fell off aka dry rot), at least it was sewn which held it together and gave me little hope in completing the journey, the mud was becoming wetter/ sticky, the need to crawl/ climb using your hands was a must.

At the top the view was amazing- sike, nah the mist was heavy and the wind blew like there was no tomorrow and to add to this list, the rain decided to fall. We basically made a nice resting area/hut within some bushes/ shrubs (trust me, it felt warm), the air was refreshing (think my lunch got a detox), snacks and drinks were shared with other fellow hikes.I would say it took us approx. 2hr to reach the summit.

The Finale....

Descending down the mountain was more exciting that coming up (honestly), we basically rain down the mountain (slight exaggerating) and had a quick bathe in the river, in all it was another great experience.


The after effect.

The terrain.

Plant life on the mountain.


The view (misty day)

Satellite dish, an indication that you're close.

Cool water flowing from the NAWASA treatment plant- refreshing.


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