The Beach bum.

favorite place to go to- Secluded.
     To get away from reality, I run to her shore. 

I collect memories; forgotten shells wash up from the bottom of her sea bed floor once occupied by some sea creature unknown, sea fans and dried sea weeds, broken glasses turned into perfect shaped stones, unusual shells all meant to be, part of my memory.

Too feel the sand beneath my feet, my toes, sun beating my skin; my body is speaking. As I lay down the sand welcome me with a warm embrace, to close my eyes only to be kiss by the radiance of the sun rays while listening to the ocean sing here favorite song. Exfoliate my skin and feet, before i dive in.

Serenity- At peace when i'm beneath a sea grape tree or maybe just on a wooden jetty. Absorption of nature all around;sea urchins,sea weeds, fishes, mollusks ,star fish, coral reef, isolated islands, green vegetation all around. I like it here.  Faulty memories, mishaps, a bad day wash away by the sea waves, head underneath only to resurface and just BREATHE.

Grand Anse beach.


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