Hiking: Honey Moon Fall

Previously, i had written about my hike to the Seven sisters falls, but had never went to the final fall- Honey Moon fall.

I've decided to bring along my friend/ co- worker to experience the journey with me, same journey different experience. Being the only two female hikers, fellow visitors were surprised and wondering (hmmm...) nevertheless to say we went on our way.
Not knowing where the last fall was, a fellow guide gave us directions.
And i quote, "You will have to pass this river 3 times, follow the path and look for a fallen rock." Of course, we almost got lost, but finally found this hidden gem, which was indeed behind the fallen rock.

Hope you enjoy the photos.


Plant life

Honey moon fall


Sulfur on our legs


  1. Lol nice. Loving the directions and the fact that u almost got lost (sometimes I get lost in the middle of Grenville town). Wish I had been there!!!!! You took great pics!

    1. The Directions was the highlight. Hahah why would you get lost in Grenville :(. Thanks, be there for our next trip.


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